Best Skis Your Money Can Buy

best skisPurchasing a snow ski is one of the best buys you will ever make this fall. Winter is fast approaching and get ready to find out which skis are making the best impression out in the slope. Here are some of the best snow skis according to various ski reviews:

  • For the Best Men’s All Mountain Skis professional skiers choose an Armada TST. This pair has received so many positive reviews regarding its playfulness, versatility and flotation. This ski has a wooden core called Armada’s Hybrid UltraLight Core which is lightweight wooden material combined with fiberglass arranged in a lattice pattern. This ski optimizes the sidecut for each of the four lengths. Those who have tried the Armada TST swear that it will remain stable even at mind blasting speeds. Your opponent will literally eat snow when you use the best men’s all mountain skis.
  • For the Best Women’s All Mountain Skis the winner is a Blizzard Samba. Blizzard has a Free Mountain line each with its efficient tip and tail rocker. The line also features a wooden core combined with a bamboo lattice that will reduce weight. It has Blizzards’ Flipcore technology that will prevent bending the skis when in action. Many who have used the Blizzard Samba is great when you need to make huge turns and when you want stability in all types of snow.
  • For Men’s Powder skis the winner is an Atomic Automatic. This is a freeski that combines a minimal profile and an efficient tip and tail rocker that will make soft powder snow feel like a soft turf. You will gain excellent float and easy maneuverability with features like Atomic sidewalls designed to reduce vibration on the entire ski body. It has a wooden core with titanium sprockets for the most durable ride. The Atomic Automatic may be one of the heaviest skis for powder-like snow but for professional skiers it is one of the easiest to handle.
  • For the Best Women’s Powder Skis the Blizzard Dakota is one of the most highly rated for women in the Free Mountain series. It has superb features like Flipcore 3D technology, compact sidewalls and a wooden core strengthened with titanium and bamboo. Skiers who have tried the Blizzard Dakota have all praises for its versatility, easy maneuverability and its aggressiveness in any type of snow. The Blizzard Dakota comes in two sizes; it is the snow ski for women who want a stable yet fun pair to use in the slope.
  • The Best Men’s Frontside Skis is the Blizzard Magnum which boasts of Blizzard’s flipcore technology; the skis flip the mold to create a stable rock in the tip and tail. You will be surprised on how this ski handles stability by distributing the skier’s weight and pressure all over the board. It has a wooden core with efficient sidewalls and unique Spaceframe 3D technology; this is small bits of fiberglass to reduce the boards’ swing weight. Skiers how have used the Blizzard Magnum have positive reviews for this pair; it is stable and the most practical to use in any type of terrain.
  • For the Best Women’s Frontside Skis the clear winner is the Blizzard Viva 8.0. With the trademark Flipcore 3D technology that adds stability and ease of use in the tip and tail as well as add consistent pressure on entire part of the ski. It is made of an all wooden core with unique Spaceframe 3D technology that uses small fiberglass shapes for strength and efficient swing. For women skiers who have used the Viva 8.0, it is commended as the great way to rule the slopes.
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